Main Stage: Spring 2010 The Meriden Youth Theatre brings everyone together for our Main Stage productions. Main Stage Shows are grouped into different casts (often by elementary, middle, high school). When not starring, the casts support one another as members of the ensemble. Our older actors and actresses are fantastic role models for our younger performers, creating a friendly and supportive environment for everyone.
Spring 2020

The Music Man JR


Main Stage              Grades K-12              MYT FAQ

Kick Off Registration: Dec 21st, 9-noon, Downtown YMCA

First Rehearsal/Workshop: January 4th 9-noon


Auditions: January 11.   Rehearsals: Saturdays 9-1.   Performances: April 3-5





Our spring productions are extra special, as all our actors and actresses across grades K-12 work together on a single production. This year, we are going to have 3 separate casts: elementary, middle, and high school (as we did for Annie back in 2017). All students will support the other casts in the ensemble.


“Music Man" is one of Broadway's classics and is returning to Broadway in Fall 2020 starring Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster!



How do I register?

To join MYT for our spring production, you must register with the YMCA. Registration will open on December 21st and run through our first rehearsal (Jan 4th).


We will have a "kick off" registration on Saturday, December 21st from 9-noon. We encourage you to stop by the Y on this day to register, pick up your script, and meet with the MYT staff.


Is my younger child limited to an ensemble role?

No. We are planning to have 3 separate casts: elementary, middle, and high school (as we did for Annie back in 2017). Some younger children may be cast as children (ex. Winthrop) in the high school cast. All students will support the other casts in the ensemble. All students are in all shows.


How do I get a script and CD?

If scripts are in by December 21st, we will hand them out at kick off registration. If not, scripts will be distributed at our audition workshop on January 4th.


When are auditions?

Auditions will be held on Saturday, January 11th. Exact times will be announced at our audition workshop and will depend on the number of students who register.


When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals will be held at MYT on Saturdays from 9-1. The schedule will vary week to week based on the musical numbers we are working on.


When are performances?

Dress rehearsals will be Saturday, March 28th (9-3 PM) and Monday-Thursday March 30-April 2 (5:45-9).

Performances will be April 3-5th at Thomas Edison.


Have other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’d be happy to help you!



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