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Musical Theater + Camp = MTC

MTC combines the quality of a full musical theater program with the fun and excitement of Mountain Mist Day Camp in the great outdoors!

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Session 1

June 22 - July 3

Entering grades K-4

CIT Program


Session 2

July 6-18

Entering grades 5-8

Junior Company


Session 3

July 20 - Aug 1

Entering grades 7-12

Teen Company

Backyard Broadway

Session 5

Aug 12-23

Entering grades K-2

(Age 5+)


Our Program

MTC (Musical Theater Camp) is MYT’s summer program located at Mountain Mist Day Camp (576 High Hill Rd, Meriden), where we put on a show in just two weeks!  Each production includes all aspects of a full production from auditions and choreography to full set and costumes. This fast-paced production is never boring! We rehearse for about 3 hours in the morning, break for lunch, enjoy free time and pool time, and rehearse some more at the end of the day.


A Day In The Life

The best part about our program is that it’s a summer camp that actually rehearses outside! We rehearse every morning under the shade of the MYTent and then enjoy games and pool time outside. Most theater camp programs take place inside, but we like to spend our summer in the fresh air. However, if it were to rain, we would head over to our downtown rehearsal hall. In addition, Mountain Mist also offers free lunch and breakfast to all campers!


An MTC Session

The summer is divided into 2 week sessions. On day 1 we introduced the show to everyone with a read through. Day 2 the campers audition. On days 3-8 we learn choreography, block the show, and rehearse. On day 9 we run through the show once in full costume, then a second time in full tech. That evening (Thursday) we perform our show for the entire camp. Then the celebration for all the hard work begins: the overnight! MTC gets to swim at night, watch movies, and camp out in the MYTent! MTC performs the show again the next day for family and friends.


Show Time!

MTC performs each show twice, once on Thursday night for the campers, then again Friday night at 8:00 for parents, family, and friends.

Frog and Toad KIDS (Grades 2-4)

We are excited to announce that our production this summer for students entering grades 2-4 will be “A Year with Frog and Toad Kids!”  This production features characters from the timeless books “Frog and Toad” and includes some new animal friends like snails and squirrels.

CIT Program

Selected Counselors in Training (9-12 graders) assist the MTC Staff in choreographing, planning, and producing the show! Each CIT will be mentored by a staff member and assigned to campers as a "buddy" during the first session of camp.

Click here to apply.

Mulan Jr (Grades 5-8)

WOO sign me up for this session!! To save her father from being drafted into the Chinese Imperial Army, Mulan takes matters into her own hands, disguises herself as a boy and takes her father’s place. Along the way she meets her guardian spirit, the dragon Mushu, her captain Shang, and three unlikely friends Yao, Ling, and Chimpo. This show features Disney song favorites like “Reflection” and “Make a Man at of You” along with some fun new tracks. Now let’s get down to business, and sign up for “Mulan Jr.” today!

Camp Rock (Grades 7-12)

This is an “S.O.S.!” Only “a little bit longer” until camp starts, are you ready to rock?! Join us for “Camp Rock: The Musical” July 15 - 28. This show is just “too cool” featuring songs from both the first and second movie. Not only will we be performing our show for the rest of the camp, we will also have a Jonas Brothers-themed dinner and show for family and friends! This is one you don’t want to miss and we can’t wait to “start the party!”

A True "Summer Theater Camp"

Don't spend your summer in a stuffy auditorium - kids already spend enough time in school! MTC rehearses in the fresh air and puts the 'summer' and 'camp' back in "Summer Theater Camp." We rehearse each morning under the shade of the MYTent.  Between rehearsals, campers get to take part in camp activities, swim in the pool, play on the courts, and even use the water slide!

On rainy days, we head to our rehearsal hall downtown.

The MTC Staff

MTC is built of educators and MYT alumni who love to share their passion for theater with others. The MTC staff has been working together at camp for over eight years and loves to see how each summer season continues to raise the bar. Because we always have at least five staff members, we are able to cater to more children individually to help develop their skills by breaking up into smaller groups. By dividing each session by age, the staff is able to effectively work on the skills of each group in ways that are fun and challenging.

You Don't Want To Miss This

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