MTC '18 - You Don't Want To Miss This
Musical Theater + Camp = MTC

MTC combines the quality of a full musical theater program with the fun and excitement of Mountain Mist Day Camp in the great outdoors!

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Willy Wonka KIDS

Session 1

June 18 - 29

Entering grades 2-4

CIT Program

Dear Edwina Jr

Session 2

July 2-13

Entering grades 5-8


Aladdin Jr

Session 3

July 16-27

Entering grades 7-12

Dinner Theatre

Backyard Broadway

Session 5

Aug 13-24

Entering grades K-2


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What is MTC? MTC is the Meriden Youth Theater’s summer program and a part of the Meriden YMCA’s Mt. Mist Day Camp. Each summer, MTC produces a show every 2 weeks. A full production normally takes months of preparation, but who wants to wait? Each session squeezes auditions, choreography, blocking, rehearsals, costumes, and performances into just 9 days. With all the rehearsing, we still plan plenty of fun each day - including free and swim time! A Day In The Life A typical day at MTC includes 3 hours of morning rehearsal in the shade under the MYTent. This is followed by lunch and free time, where campers can enjoy more traditional camp activities. Next is swim time when we get the entire pool to ourselves! At the end of the day we may finish up a dance or just sing through the musical numbers. MTC is a lot of work, but also a ton of fun!
An MTC Session The summer is divided into 2 week sessions. On day 1 we introduced the show to everyone with a read through. Day 2 the campers audition. On days 3-8 we learn choreography, block the show, and rehearse. On day 9 we run through the show once in full costume, then a second time in full tech. That evening (Thursday) we perform our show for the entire camp. Then the celebration for all the hard work begins: the overnight! MTC gets to swim at night, watch movies, and camp out in the MYTent! MTC performs the show again the next day for family and friends. Show Time! MTC performs each show twice, once on Thursday night for the campers, then again Friday night at 8:00 for parents, family, and friends.
Dear Edwina Jr (Grades 5-8) Middle school students will take the stage during session 2, with "Dear Edwina!" A neighborhood of friends team up to give advice about family and friends with a backyard show. Join us for one of our favorite summertime productions!
Aladdin Jr (Grades 7-12) You ain't never had a show like this! Hop on board the magic carpet and make way for Prince Ali!
A True "Summer Theater Camp" Don't spend your summer in a stuffy auditorium - kids already spend enough time in school! MTC rehearses in the fresh air and puts the 'summer' and 'camp' back in "Summer Theater Camp." We rehearse each morning under the shade of the MYTent. Between rehearsals, campers get to take part in camp activities, swim in the pool, play on the courts, and even use the water slide! On rainy days, we head to our rehearsal hall downtown.

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