The Meriden Youth Theatre is a theater group for Meriden and surrounding communities. In addition to teaching on acting, dancing, and vocal skills, MYT builds confidence, public speaking skills, and friendships that will last a life time. MYT produces 8 productions every year, each catered to a unique age range and venue.

In the 2019-20 season, MYT will produce 8 musicals!

Fall & Spring Productions

MYT will produce 4 musicals at the Thomas Edison Middle School Auditorium.

In the fall, MYT will run 3 programs for elementary, middle and high school students.

In the spring, MYT will celebrate it's 13th Main Stage spring show with the YMCA.





Register with the YMCA

Since the Meriden Youth Theatre is part of the Meriden YMCA, all registration is handled at the downtown YMCA front desk. All participants must be registered with the Y before auditions. No exceptions.

Programs fees range from $110-$140 depending on your Y membership level.

Do I need any prior experience?

Nope! MYT is full of veterans and new comers alike! Regardless of your talent or skill level, everyone fits in at MYT. Everyone is cast as a part in the show - and remember: "It's not how big a part you get, it's how big you make your part!"

Do I Need to be a Y member?

While YMCA members get a discount during registration, you do not need to be a Meriden YMCA member. In fact we have people from Wallingford, Southington, Berlin, Durham, and more towns around CT.

Are there any hidden fees?

Aside from registration, families are required to place an ad in our show program, to cover show expenses.  While MYT does their best to provide costumes for each production, you may be asked to help provide costume pieces and dance shoes. Family and friends must also purchase tickets for the performances.

What are auditions like?

After registering with the YMCA, we will provide you with a script and CD to prepare for your audition. Auditions are held in groups by age in a positive  environment with encouragement from both staff and peers. Students will be given selections to prepare for certain characters. At the audition, the staff may ask performers to sing or read for any character from any section of the script. It is important to be well prepared and familiar with the entire show. Either watch a movie or view clips on YouTube. During auditions, we are looking for good singing as well as acting and characterization. Relax and have fun!

Why did my child get this part?

The MYT Staff takes casting very seriously. There are many factors that contribute to putting a cast list together. The staff must see what is best for each individual and for the cast as a whole. Visit our "About Us" page to view our full Audition Policy.

Are there callbacks?

The MYT Staff may decide to hold callbacks in order to finalize casting. Those who are called back should prepare their specific parts. If you do not get a callback, don't worry - you may already be cast in a role.

Is my child in every show?

All performers are in all shows. To give more participants the opportunity to perform in the spotlight, MYT uses multiple casts. When it's not your "cast's" turn to perform, you will be in the ensemble supporting the other casts.

When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held at the MYT Rehearsal Hall (Y-Arts Building, 14-16 West Main Street). Rehearsal times vary by production.


How about dress rehearsals?

Dress rehearsals and performances are held at the Thomas Edison Magnet School Auditorium on North Broad Street. Dress rehearsals are Monday-Thursday the week before the production from 6-9 PM. Children in grades 2 and below may leave early at parent's discretion.

Drop off and pick up:

Since the Y-Arts building is home to many, the small parking lot is for YMCA Staff only. Please use the parking lot across the street for pick up and drop off. Over 80 children cannot be dropped off at once in the tiny lot safely. All parents must come inside to pick up their children.

What is your attendance policy?

While the staff encourages students to be involved in multiple clubs, sports, and activities, a show is a large commitment. As a result, we require all conflicts to be provided up front prior to casting. Since MYT only rehearses once a week, rehearsal time is limited. All children are in all shows and attendance at dress rehearsals in mandatory.

Need to reach us?

Please send all questions and concerns to our email,

As always, you can talk with Carolyn or the rest of the staff in person after rehearsals.

(203) 4410-MYT

If you need to reach the staff during a rehearsal, text the staff at (203) 441-0698. We will make sure your message gets to the right person.

Weekly E-Blasts

Each week we email important information about rehearsals and the production. If you are not getting our emails, let us know:

What if it snows?

The safety of our students and families is always a top priority. If we must cancel rehearsal due to inclement weather, we will notify you via email and this website.


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